SEIU Bosses Battle to Avoid Secret Ballots

In two separate decades, SEIU bosses engaged in a win-at-all-cost card check organizing strategy that is euphemistically called a Corporate Campaign.  In this organizing strategy, SEIU Boss Andy Stern and other union goons put into action Stern’s words that SEIU bosses will “use the persuasion of power” to accomplish their goals. 

In fact, when business owner Dave Bego politely refused to sign a neutrality agreement, SEIU Local 3 Organizer Dennis responded with his own paraphrase of Stern’s words:

 “We [SEIU Bosses] like conversation, but we embrace confrontation.”

With that, the war began as it has with so many others over the past two decades, like Randy Schaber in California.

Interestingly, both employers offered to hold a secret ballot election.  One SEIU organizer told Randy, “you don’t understand, we will never let your employees have a secret a ballot election.” 

And, elimination of the secret ballot option is one of the keys to the neutrality agreement.  When an employer signs a neutrality agreement, employees’ rights to a secret ballot are gone.  At least, that is what most union bosses thought until the employees in Noble County, Indiana banded together and forced an NLRB* sanction secret ballot election.

Another item worth noting is that in both Randy’s and Dave’s situation, their employees were paid above local union wages. Perhaps this explains why SEIU goons prefer the “persuasion of power” to the persuasion of reason.

Unlike Randy’s four-year battle, Dave’s lasted for three.  Well, that was until recently.  Previous NLRB victories have been summoned by the NLRB Washington, DC office for a new review.  So, Dave’s final chapter may be written by new NLRB Board members Craig Becker and Mark Pearce.  Unfortunately, Obama’s NLRB may overturn the employees of Noble County’s victory as well.

But no matter if you call it a corporate campaign or not, what card check forced unionism boils down to is union goons exercising “persuasion of power” rather than employees exercising freedom and democracy through the power of a secret ballot.   Please contact your senators to demand that they protect workers from union goons using the “persuasion of power” by voting NO on SB 560 the card check forced unionism bill known as EFCA.


*SEIU – Service Employees International Union, NLRB – National Labor Relations Board