Boston Herald: NLRB’s ongoing card-check one, two punch

Reading the tea leaves, the Boston Herald editorial staff see the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) institutionalizing card-check and by-passing congress. Primarily based  on the NLRB’s actions in the Boeing case and its new election regulation, the Herald smells a coordinated effort by the Board to bring about card-check forced unionism through its rulings and regs.

It’s as plain as the nose on your face that the National Labor Relations Board, controlled by Democrats, wants to tilt the union-management playing field further toward unions.

Unions could get not get “card check” (which would make union recognition mandatory upon presentation of cards signed by a majority of workers) passed when Democrats controlled both houses of Congress. Now their friends at the NLRB are turning to plan B.

The board asked for comment on, among other things, proposals to shorten the �interval between a union’s petition for a representation election and the holding of the vote. Coupled with the board’s recent attempt to keep Boeing Corp. from opening an aircraft assembly plant in South Carolina, the proposals should make the board’s anti-employer slant clear.