Again, Jerry Brown Protects Big Labor’s Interests Over Student’s

The news is full of stories where union monopoly bargaining power over schools blocks, delays and overrides disciplinary actions by school management and school boards but Governor Brown takes it to a “new” level.  Again, this action exposes the fact that Teacher Bosses are not focused on protecting children.


Ben Shapiro reports:

California Governor Jerry Brown vetoed a bill that would streamline the firing process for California teachers — a bill weak enough that the teacher’s union supported it. The bill, presented by a fully Democrat state assembly and senate, came in the wake of several teacher scandals including one at Miramonte Elementary, in which a teacher fed students spoonfuls of his own semen, and yet could not be immediately fired. The bill would have added murder and attempted murder to charges that would allow an indefinite leave of absence, and allowed districts to use evidence of sexual harassment older than four years.