Can't Defend

Rep. Hilda Solis‘ nomination hearing to become the next Secretary of Labor took an interesting twist when Solis refused to state a position on the Card Check Bill. Shockingly, she also refused to state whether President-elect Obama would support continuation of state Right to Work laws.

Solis, as readers are aware, voted for the Card Check Scam Bill when it passed the House, but:

. . . On January 5, 2007 Solis signed a letter rightly expressing concern about the lack of secret ballots to elect leaders to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

The letter read, “Votes by secret ballot were in order but never taken. We therefore believe that we need to follow proper rules of procedure and hold a vote by secret ballot.” She continued, “It is important that the integrity of the CHC be unquestioned and above reproach.”

So it’s clear that Solis wants secret ballots when it is convenient to the outcome she desires.