Checking Kagen

Newly elected Wisconsin Congressman Steve Kagen was a beneficiary of Big Labor’s free spending of workers dues money for endorsing government-run health care and other Big Labor agenda items. Now Big Labor has come knocking for support on more issues.

The Appleton Post Crescent reports that, at a Big Labor organized forum, Kagen expressed support for “living wage” legislation that would dramatically increase the minimum wage far beyond what Democrat leaders have proposed and support.

Kagen also proposes “No Patient Left Behind” legislation that would include the government creation of a single national risk pool for the uninsured and pricing control.

Kagen claims he hasn’t made up his mind yet on other issues that are on organized labor’s agenda, such as the “card check” bill. That bill would eliminate the need for an election in the workplace before unions can claim bargaining power over all workers, but said he thinks the proposal sounded “reasonable.”

Elimination of individual rights, especially the secret ballot and allowing workers to be intimidated into signing a union representation card is not “reasonable.” Workers and constituents of Rep. Kagen should let him know it.