Crocodile Tears

Among the extreme Left, the fact that billionaire George Soros is sitting on his wallet is making them feel the pinch but it’s hard to feel too bad for them when the union bosses are coming in and using forced union dues to support pro- forced unionism candidates across the nation.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Service Employees International Union said it would spend $44 million on the 2010 elections, up from $35 million in the 2006 midterm elections.. In California, the SEIU is spending $5 million this fall to help elect Jerry Brown as governor. The AFL-CIO said it was on pace to deploy 200,000 volunteers to campaign on behalf of candidates this election, its most ever in a midterm election. The union said it has distributed 17.5 million flyers on visits to worksites advocating the election of mostly Democratic candidates. And the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics said the Democratic Party and candidates had raised a total of $1.25 billion so far for the election. The comparable GOP figure is $1.1 billion.

Despite howls of protests about political spending in elections, the real campaign finance scandal is that union bosses have the power in the majority of states to take union dues from workers without their consent and spend it on policies they don’t agree with.  But don’t hold your breath for President Obama and the so-called “reformers” to say anything about it.