Day Late and a Dollar Short

In the waning hours of the Bush Administration, the Department of Labor beefed up disclosure rules for Big Labor, trying to ensure workers’ dues money is not stolen or abused. Most union bosses are complaining about the rules, but some are welcoming the new rules.

. . . Sal Rosselli, president of an Oakland-based local, has feuded with the SEIU’s [Service Employees International Union] national leadership over the direction of the union. He said the national office has refused to fully disclose how much money it has spent on the internecine fight.

“Transparency on how unions spend their members’ dollars, from our point of view, is wanted,” Rosselli said. “We let our members look at every check.”

The sad reality, however, is the new rules will probably be short lived. The Obama Administration was elected on the back and dollar of union bosses and returns the favor at every turn. The biggest question is: Why did the Bush Department of Labor wait so long to protect workers?