“Do Your Job Act” Introduced in the House

Do Your Job Act

A bill has been introduced called the “Do Your Job Act”. If passed, would help eliminate the act of having to do union work during “official time”, also known as “Taxpayer Funded Union Time”.

The bill was introduced by Congressman Dan Bishop (R-NC). In an article written for the Fedsmith by Ralph R. Smith, we find out what Congressman Bishop has to say about the new bill:

The abusive practice of allowing union work to occur on official time wastes millions of taxpayer dollars every year, as federal employees use paid time off to perform official union duties. By amending the Civil Service Reform Act, we can ensure that Americans’ hard-earned tax dollars go toward the public services they are intended for, not union interests. But as it stands, some of these federal employees can lobby Congress for desired outcomes or even spend 100 percent of their time on union representative functions. This has to change.

It is somewhat surprising this bill is so short compared to the very lengthy bills often introduced in Congress. It is short and to the point. It reads:

Any activities performed by an employee relating to the business of a labor organization shall be performed during the time the employee is in a non-duty status.

Ralph R. Smith, FedSmith

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