Even Secret Ballots Aren't Safe

The Card Check Bill would help Big Labor activists steal votes in favor of forced unionism — essentially legalizing what Teamsters in Illinois tried to do:

Two former union officers and an organizer for Teamsters Local 743 rigged a union election in 2004 by diverting secret ballots to family members and friends who weren’t authorized to vote, a federal prosecutor told a jury Monday as their trial began.

Richard Lopez, a secretary-treasurer at the time and a former president of the Chicago local, is charged with former Controller Thaddeus Bania and organizer David Rodriguez in a scheme to steal ballots.

Assistant U.S. Atty. Nathalina Hudson said a slate trying to keep then-President Robert Walston in place for their own job security hatched the plan at a pancake house.

Bania entered a union database and changed the addresses of some union members so ballots instead went to the homes of relatives and friends, Hudson said.