Flushing Money Down the Deeds Drain: Plumber Bosses' Last Hour Rush to Join other Labor Union Bosses

The Virginia Public Access Project reported that United Association labor  union, formerly known as the Plumbers Union,  bosses chose to flush ten of thousands of dollars down the Deeds for Virginia Governor drain. Other reports declared that Big Labor Bosses were already Creigh Deeds biggest supporters.

About the time the Plumbers union bosses decided to join other union bosses in their rush flush, Deeds was 18-points behind according to a Virginia Commonwealth University poll. Based on the election results, the Plumbers union money did little to help Deeds.

According to the Virginia Public Access Project, “Organized Labor” made roughly $5.36 million in reported contributions to statewide and legislative candidates and committees in Virginia in 2009. Democrat gubernatorial nominee Creigh Deeds received approximately $2.5 million from Big Labor including public employee unions.

Probably the most well-known of the Plumbers union’s upper echelon is disgraced boss Martin Maddaloni who approved a pension fund scandal that drained over $300 million of rank-and-file pension funds into a Florida hotel.

Earlier this month, the AFL-CIO awarded Senator Creigh Deeds “Legislator of the Year” for his support of forced unionism. In his thank you speech, Deeds gushed, “Before I first ran for office, I believed in the power of organized labor; during my 17 years in the legislature … And, when I’m Governor, you won’t just have a friend in Richmond-you’ll have a partner.” Well, Big Labor will still have Deeds as a partner in the Virginia Legislature.

2009 Drudge Report Post-Election VA by 18 NJ by 6