Forced Unionism Forces Attendance to Political Event in Illinois

whistle-blower in Illinois contends that state union bosses forced government workers to attend a political rally with Nancy Pelosi and Jesse Jackson, Jr., the Daily Caller reports.

According to the whistle-blower, 76 employees of an Illinois state agency were forced to engage in political activity on the taxpayers’ dime.  Rev. Jackson also encouraged the government employees to load first-generation and low-income college students up with student loan debt — because Democrats in Congress, he allegedly promised, would eventually pass laws to forgive that debt later. “[T]hose people will continue to vote Democratic,” Jackson Sr. said, according to the whistle-blower.”

Workers in Illinois are forced to join a union, forced to support candidates they might not agree with and, it appears, forced to attend political rallies, as well.  If there is a state in the Union crying out for the Right to Work, it is Illinois.