Glimpse to the Future?

Want to see what the future will look like should Big Labors’ forced-unionism supporters win the presidency and both houses of Congress? Look no further than the left-wing website

Dmitri Iglitzin, a labor law attorney in Seattle with the firm of Schwerin Campbell Barnard & Iglitzin, LLP, and an Affiliate Professor at the University of Washington School of Law, has laid out Labor’s legislative agenda in clear and distinct terms. It should send a shiver down your spine:

1. Enact the Card Check Forced Unionism Scam.

2. “Enact the Re-Empowerment of Skilled and Professional Employees and Construction Trade Workers (RESPECT) Act.”

3. Force union organizer access to unorganized workers at the workplace during organizing campaigns.

4. Require labor standards in future trade agreements.

5. Impose monopoly union bargaining on supervisors.

6. Repeal Right-to-Work provision of the NLRA – eliminating all 22 Right to Work laws.

7. “Repeal the Taft-Hartley Act’s ban on ‘secondary boycotts.’”

Iglitzin says this agenda for the next Democrat president should be the “minimum” items on the agenda. There is little doubt that it will be.