Gov. Culver Would Gut Iowa’s Right to Work Law

Iowa’s Democrat Gov. Chet Culver said he would sign legislation to tax workers who choose not to join a union.

Iowans have been working hard to protect their Right to Work Law against provisions like the so-called “fair share” tax. Punishing workers who choose not the join a union isn’t fair and would gut Iowa’s state law protecting them from compulsory unionism.

According to an article by Charlotte Eby of the Sioux City Journal’s Des Moines [IA] Bureau:

Sen. Mary Lundby, R-Marion, said it is impossible to write a fare share law without repealing the right to work law. The right to work law does not allow for paying dues or fees to be a condition of employment, she said.

“I don’t care how many colored ribbons they tie on it, it’s still a warthog,” Lundby said.

She said between 80 and 90 percent of Iowans do not live in union households.

“They don’t like taxes. Do you think they’re going to like the government taking a big, stinking fee from their paycheck?” Lundby said.

She said she believes the issue could have big repercussions for Democrats, because it looks like cronyism and one of the many paybacks the party owes unions [union officials] for their support.