West Virginia House Passes Right to Work Bill

2016-Right-To-Work-States-MapWV-greenNational Right to Work Committee Statement on WV House Passing Right to Work Bill

West Virginia House of Delegates joins Senate in passing Right to Work legislation; WV one step closer to outlawing forced unionism. 

 Springfield, VA (Feb. 4 , 2016) – Today, Mark Mix, President of the 2.8 million-member National Right to Work Committee, issued the following statement regarding the West Virginia House of Delegates passing the West Virginia Right to Work Bill :

“Today marks another milestone in the fight to protect every West Virginian’s right to get or keep a job without having to pay union dues or fees. With the House of Delegates’ passage of the Right to Work Bill, West Virginia is on the verge of becoming America’s 26th Right to Work state.  I urge the West Virginia Senate to quickly pass the House’s version and send the bill to Gov. Tomblin’s desk.

“When Right to Work becomes the law, the hardworking men and women of the Mountain State will be free from Big Labor’s forced unionism power. West Virginians will no longer be required to pay tribute to a union boss just to keep their jobs, and instead every employee can decide for themselves if paying union dues is a good use of their hard-earned money.

“A West Virginia Right to Work law would not prevent any worker from joining a union; it would only prevent union bosses from being able to order a worker fired simply for refusing to financially support a union he or she does not support.

“The time for West Virginia to join the ranks of the other 25 Right to Work states in America is at hand.”

The adoption of a West Virginia Right to Work law would make West Virginia the fourth state in the past four years to outlaw forced unionism.  Indiana (2012), Michigan (2013), and Wisconsin (2015) have all recently passed Right to Work laws.