It was Right then. It is Right Now!

Once upon time not too long ago, a Big Labor-controlled congress attempted to do away with state Right To Work laws by repealing the worker protection that allows states to enact laws to protect their workers’ freedoms.  Section 14(b) of the Taft-Hartley Act was the target of congress (see below).  At that time, the Indianapolis Star printed the cartoon above to ridicule those opposed to Right To Work protections.  

The same is true today.  Right To Work gives workers a choice, without it, workers are forced to pay tribute to get or keep a job.  Gov. Daniels and his Republican “Leaders” could have given that freedom to every working Hoosier; so far, they have failed the people of Indiana. 

(b) Agreements requiring union membership in violation of State law

Nothing in this subchapter shall be construed as authorizing the execution or application of agreements requiring membership in a labor organization as a condition of employment in any State or Territory in which such execution or application is prohibited by State or Territorial law.

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8 Responses to Indianapolis Star Cartoon correct on Right To Work issue

  1. Rick A says:

    I work here in Bloomington In We are Union and I was on The Executive Board in the Union for 2 years and 1 think the Unions dont tell you is that yes you get contracts with the Employer every year along with raise increases but they dont tell you about the Insurance or union dues increases evry year so by the time they do all that Union Employees are no better then nonunion employees we are all just 1 paycheck away from the unemployment line…. If you search your union big shoots pay you will probably find that they make 6 figure paychecks and their insurance paid for by( guess who )? All the Union Employees including the one’s that are forced to pay union dues that dont want to… So If we compare Union and nonunion workers we are all equal. In the same boat……..

  2. YA the union carpenter says:

    Ya, me and the guy above are one in the same. I’ve worked nonunion. And the people there were just plain cowwed. I don’t find it easy to take a stand either. Especially when I hold no cards in the game. My grandfather spent 1938 to 1945 in a German jail because he was a union activist in 1936 Paris, France. About that time a guy named Adolf came to town and said, “shut up and get on the truck! we’re taking guys like you before we take the Jews”.
    If right to work is so great, as Rob sez, then why are pay and benefits in those states that have enacted it as low as their nonunion counterparts? I’m sure their cost of living is as high as mine. Is the worth of their labor inferior to mine? I don’t think so. If the free market is so great, why have economics for the average American been getting worse over the past 40 years? Hmmm…..

  3. YA the union carpenter says:

    Business is in business to make money first. All other issues are secondary. Krap! If they didn’t need you for the money, they wouldn’t have hired you in the first place! The workers use their talents and skills to take the bosses idea and turn it into a tangible product. Why is it that many bosses today feel they deserve so much more than they afford to their workers? If they’re so smart, why don’t they do it all themselves? My counterparts in nonunion heavy-duty truck repair and carpentry make half to two thirds less than I do. My boss, however, seems to be an exception to the rule. He goes above and beyond our union contract, and is right there in the cooling tower doing the same work we’re doing, AND HE MAKES A PROFIT!!!! But be advised, if you can’t do the work or don;t have a thick hide, you’ll be down the road. Phonies are exposed real quick in this field. Don’t like my words? Put on a harness and come on into my “office” and we’ll talk about it. Otherwise STFU and go flip burgers. Unions are the only balancing force working people have in what is becoming the Corporate States of America. How many corporations say the Pledge of Alligence before their meetings? Especially the ones shipping our jobs overseas? We do at our union meetings. Wake up America! In the modern workplace we check our constitutional rights at the door. Run government more like a business? Are you high? Are corporations democratic? Or is democracy an old and outdated idea that has served its purpose, but has no place in the global free market. And for you John Birchers, right to work legitimizes illeagal alien workers. Chew on that, wasichu. How much do I make as a union carpenter? Enough for a shinnob, but not enough for a Chimook. Come on people! Ronny Reagan started this everyone cuttin each others throat to see who will work for less. Divide and conquer, or am I the only one who paid attention in history class? The bosses are pleading poverty with a loaf of bread under each arm. I pay more in income tax than 66% of the corporations in this country. The middle class is not a natural occurrence in a total free market economy. Capitalism and democracy are not the same. In fact they are almost opposites. That’s what a couple college economics professors have told me. The way we’re going I’m embarrassed to be a veteran. I shudder to think I put my life on the line, 3 years of border patrol, just so a bunch of pansy-ass college republicans can hold a fund raising cocktail party for the Associated Building Contractors, the nonunion union of BIG CONSTRUCTION BOSSES that only pay the suck-asses close to what I get paid. Oh yes. They know what the job is worth. Too bad there isn’t a piss test for greed. Boy would that be a switch.

  4. Craig C. Rice says:

    Let’s take it all the way. Take what you make. If you produce $100 dollars of revenue for the company, you take home $100. If the bosses are so talented, why do they need employees? Because they can’t make their millions without doing it on someone elses back. My nonunion counterparts make half to two-thirds less in heavy-duty truck repair and carpentry. I consider union membership a good bargain. And my bosses still make a profit. Bureau of Labor Statistics show that wherever right to work has been enacted, average wages go down. But look at corporate america. Profits haven’t taken the same hit wages and benefits have.

  5. Rob says:

    I know this is a charged debate and I’m not looking to spew venom back and forth. I am a voluntary member of a union and what I can’t understand is why an American worker, born with freedom and liberty, would vigorously fight to give up some of that freedom by allowing themselves to be forced into union membership. These working men and women at the statehouse are protesting a bill that would simply free them from forced unionism, this boggles my mind. After Right to Work is passed they will still be free to voluntarily encumber themselves with union membership/dues if they so choose.

    I have heard a critic say that this legislation would ‘weaken unions’, the only way that “Right to Work” will weaken unions is that if, when given a choice, the majority of employees opt out of union membership. I believe that is what’s driving all of this, the Unions aren’t willing to gamble that enough ‘free’ employees will continue to voluntarily pay union dues. I could understand seeing Union leadership out picketing and protesting this thing until they’re red in the face, but for the employees to be doing that? That makes no sense. I think they think that by protesting this legislation they are somehow freeing themselves from some possibly oppressive employer, when in reality the only oppression they are subjecting themselves to is forced unionism. Unfortunately the only thing I can attribute it to is years of fear mongering and misinformation, by union leadership, that has these people scared to death of freedom.

    If you are a union member fighting against the Right to Work legislation, why? Why would you fight to give up your own right to choose? The fact is that If unions are as necessary and as relevant as they say they are, and as they maybe once were, then they will flourish even with Right to Work in place. On the other hand if they’ve only survived by fear mongering, misinformation and coercion for all these years then they may be in trouble, and deservedly so.

  6. union support!! says:

    In my opinion, I think them democrats arnt hiding, they are standing up and standing up by using a tool that is usable by both sides,and to my understanding HAS BEEN USED BY BOTH SIDES in the past .. I salute them for taking the insults and the belittling ..especially from the republicans which have done the same in the past….STAND UP FOR YOUR UNIONS!!

  7. Upsf employee says:

    It is true I do pay union dues around $15 a week, but I only pay $31 a week for VERY VERY good health insurance compared to the $80 plus I would be paying without a contract. I have family members that make close to the same hourly rate as me but I bring home at least $100 a week more because of my contract. I say GO TEAMSTERS keep the rank and file running strong.

  8. Rick Albright says:

    My Man Mitch, NOT! Its all about money and The Unions have pleanty of it.( Our Money) from forced Unionism Politics.IN Other words stealing from the working class as usual. And the big payoffs to politicians to keep it that way. Shame! Our politicians are so scared to make change and stop the ( BIG UNOIN CARTEL) they run to Illinois and hide in there little holes in the ground. Who does that remind you of.

    Very Disappointed in Indiana.

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