Iowa Workers Beware

Statehouse Democrats in Iowa seem ready to move against the state’s Right to Work Law. According to an article by Chris Dorsey of, “Assistant Senate Minority Leader Jeff Angelo, R-Creston, said Friday [January 26, 2007] at a meeting with community leaders in Osceola that such a bill could be introduced in the Senate Business and Labor Committee later next week.”

The proposal will likely include language, which would require non-union workers to pay union dues or fees as a condition of employment. No matter what the politicians call it –it is destroying Iowa’s Right to Work Law.

“‘We say we are a Right to Work state and that has brought jobs here,’ Angelo said. He added tinkering with a law that has been on the Iowa books since the 1940s is not a good policy.

“Assistant House Majority Leader Mike Reasoner, D-Creston, said he has heard talk of a proposed bill, but didn’t know any particulars of the language. With Democrats in control of the Legislature and governor’s office for the first time since 1964 there is a sense of enthusiasm among Democrats to take an active leadership role, Reasoner said.

“‘There are folks, labor unions, who think with Democrats in control that it is time to do something,’ Reasoner said. ‘There is no bill out there, but a bill could come down soon. Right now, I would be hard pressed to repeal the right to work law.’”

Contact your representatives immediately and tell them — Don’t Touch Iowa’s Right to Work Law!

(Since penning this article, Big Labor’s bill, S.S.B. 1120, to gut Iowa’s Right to Work Law was introduced in the Iowa General Assembly.)