July 2010 Issue of The National Right to Work Committee Newsletter Now Available Online

The July 2010 issue of The National Right to Work Committee Newsletter is available for download in an Adobe pdf format for your convenience to read and share. It is the Committee’s official newsletter publication that provides an excellent monthly overview of the battle against forced unionism.

July’s issue contains the following headlines:

Handful of GOP Senators Woo Union Kingpins — Federal Union Monopoly Threatens State, Local Public Employees

‘Big Labor Picked the Wrong Guy to Bully’ — ROTC Instructor Wins Small Victory Over Teacher Union Bosses

Pot of Compulsory Dues For Big Labor? — California Union Bosses, Marijuana Dealers Embark on Joint Effort

Slow Learner vs. ‘Never Learner’ in Bay State? — In Traditional Big Labor Stronghold, Union-Only PLA’s Under Fire

Big Labor Propagandists Refute Themselves — Union-Label Academics Inadvertently Scrub Excuse For Forced Dues

Obama Labor Bureaucrats to Bypass Congress? — ‘Electronic’ Voting Would Facilitate ‘Card Check’-Style Abuses