Kuhl Cools to Big Labor

Big Labor’s backstabbing of its Republican supporters was an unwritten story of the 2006 congressional elections. Now Rep. Randy Kuhl (R-NY) has stabbed back.

Despite being one of 15 GOP cosponsors of the AFL-CIO’s anti-democracy “card-check” bill, which union officials call their “litmus test,” Big Labor endorsed Kuhl’s Democrat opponent, Eric Massa. That appears not to be sitting too well with Kuhl who pulled his name off the cosponsorship rolls of the bill.

There is no word yet whether Kuhl now supports the National Right to Work Act, which would not add a single word to federal law, but simply repeal the federal authorization which allows union officials to have workers fired for failure to tender dues or fees, but we aren’t holding our breath. Come on in Randy, the water’s warm!