Labor-Backed Bills Will Devastate Economy

With Iowa’s Right to Work Law targeted for repeal by the union bosses, citizens and members of the state legislature are rising up to defend workers’ choice.

Among them is State Sen. Pat Ward.

Writing forcefully in the Des Moines Register, Ward points out that “Iowa is on a path of self destruction as far as good jobs are concerned. We’re in the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, and rather than doing everything within our power to keep jobs here in Iowa, we seem determined to run them away.”

Ward highlights a string of Big Labor-backed proposals that are being considered by the state legislature including repeal of Right to Work, expanding the scope and power of government employee unions to collectively bargain for more taxpayer money, and enactment of a state prevailing wage law that would drive up the price of government infrastructure projects.

As Sen. Ward writes, “if these bills become law, Iowa might as well hang a ‘closed’ for business sign out for the world to see.”