Laying Down the Law

As Iowa’s legislature came into session, House Minority Leader Chris Rants put Speaker Pat Murphy on notice about efforts to gut Iowa’s job-producing Right to Work law.

Rants, in a speech before the legislature, said:

“Mr. Speaker, this [gutting Right to Work] is the most divisive issue that was placed before this chamber for debate last year, and it would have the most devastating impact on Iowa’s fragile economy. We can spend the next 100 days moving chess pieces around, trying to prepare for this debate – one that would surely destroy any semblance of bipartisanship for the session. Or – you have the power to dispose of the issue today, and take SF413, the so-called “Fair Share” bill that guts our Right to Work Law off the table for discussion this year. Members of my caucus will not support this bill, and there are members of your caucus that don’t want to vote on it.”

Right on!