Locals Break with AFL-CIO on Amnesty

The Pittsburgh Plumber Local 27 has said NO to amnesty. On October 10 union officials approved a resolution demanding that their union revenue not be used for promoting amnesty and other activities that promote illegal immigration.

The resolution follows a similar position taken last month by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, a national union representing some 750,000 building trades workers.

In their resolution, the Pittsburgh Plumbers union sharply criticizes the AFL-CIO leadership’s positions on dealing with illegal immigration. Local 27 “wants to express our outrage regarding the AFL-CIO’s stance on supporting amnesty for millions of illegal aliens,” states the resolution. Illegal immigration is “harming our country,” and specifically the interests of working Americans, declares Local 27.

Unfortunately for the members of Local 27, Pennsylvania is not a Right to Work State. They can protest the use of their dues for things they disagree with, but if they don’t pay, they get fired.

Apparently what works for the union bosses doesn’t work for its forced-dues paying “members.”