Lynching Right to Work

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New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch (D) might be the only thing standing between New Hampshire enacting a Right to Work law — maybe.  The law, which passed the state House of Representatives by a huge margin will create a economic enterprise zone in New England giving incentives for companies to stay or locate in the Granite state. 

Deputy House Speaker Pam Tucker was correct when she said “New Hampshire would be the first state in the Northeast to pass right-to-work legislation and would help us become a haven for employers seeking a pro-business environment. Freedom is a core New Hampshire belief, and freedom of association and choice is a fundamental right of every NH citizen.”

Will the bill actually become law with Lynch’s staunch opposition?  Time will tell.  it is a priority for the Republicans in the state Senate but both house will need to overturn a veto.  Stay tuned and active.  We will keep you up to date.