March 2013 National Right to Work Committee Newsletter Available Online


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Forced-Dues Repeal Introduced in U.S. House — Would Bar Firing Employees For Refusal to Pay Union Dues or Fees

Government Union ‘Victory’ Hurts Public Workers — Massive Job Losses in Ohio Since 2010 a ‘Predictable Outcome’

Kentucky Employees Need the Right to Work — Hearing on H.B.308 a ‘Good First Step’; Roll-Call Vote Important

Another U.S. Senate Showdown Over NLRB Looms — Right to Work Legal Victory Could Be Undone on Capitol Hill

‘Stop Letting Them Get Away With Murder’ — Federal Compulsory-Dues Repeal Would Deter Big Labor Corruption

Leading the Charge to Reinstate Forced Unionism — Michigan’s New Right to Work Law Menaced by UAW Union Offensive