March 2016 National Right to Work Committee Newsletter available online

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West Virginia Enacts State Right to Work Law – Over Past Four Years, Four States Have Barred Forced Union Dues 2016_nrtwc-newsletter

Right to Work States Better For Homebuyers — Single-Unit Housing Authorizations Rare in Big Labor Strongholds

Will Kentucky Be the Next Right to Work State? — Bluegrass Ban on Forced Union Dues, Fees ‘Only a Matter of Time’

Big Labor Assailants ‘Wore Steel Toe Boots’ — Indiana Union Bosses Reportedly Led Attack on Church Building Site

Forced-Dues Abuses Spawned in U.S. Capitol — ‘Clothed With’ Sovereign Power, Big Labor Tramples Free Speech

Right to Work: Rx for Slow-Growth West Virginia — History Indicates Forced-Dues Abolition Will Help Economy Rebound