Maritime Union Bosses Sunk

According to the Associated Press, two “national maritime union bosses accused of spending organizational funds on personal luxuries, including a bachelor party, have been convicted of corruption charges.”

Michael and Robert McKay were found guilty Friday of racketeering conspiracy and several lesser charges stemming from their time as president and secretary-treasurer, respectively, of American Maritime Officers.

“In addition to the racketeering charge, which carries a possible 20-year sentence, Michael McKay, 59, and Robert McKay, 56, were convicted of mail fraud and record-keeping offenses. Robert McKay . . . was also convicted of embezzlement.”

Reportedly, the brothers “used the union to pay for personal luxuries such as a bachelor party and repairs for a dive boat.”

Labor laws prohibit convicted felons from holding union office. Yet, during a trial so clear cut that the jury reached a verdict after only one day of deliberation, Michael McKay was narrowly re-elected president.