May 2015 National Right to Work Committee Newsletter available online

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Obama NLRB Targets Right to Work Movement – Bureaucrats Scheme to Impose Compulsory Union Fees Nationwide201505-newsletter_Page_1

Union Dons Furiously Defend Monopoly Bargaining – System Puts Workers ‘Under Powerful Compulsion to Join’ the Union

Tax Load Lighter in Voluntary-Unionism States – Households in High-Cost Big Labor Strongholds ‘Get Socked Twice’

Victory For West Virginia Hardhats, Taxpayers – Citizens Push Back Against Abusive ‘PLAs’ in State After State

Union Powerbrokers Awash in Forced-Dues Cash – Big Labor Poured $1.7 Billion Into Politics/Lobbying in 2013-2014

Right to Work’s Momentous 1965-66 Victory – Scheme to Nationalize Forced Dues Was Derailed Half-a-Century Ago

Michigan #1, Indiana #2 in Factory Job Growth – Recently-Enacted Right to Work Laws Help Revive State Economies