Melancon Hides Card Check Support

Let’s get this straight.  Rep. Charlie Melacon (D-LA) pleases the union bosses by cosponsoring the Card Check Forced Unionism bill — undermining his own state’s Right to Work law in the process — but then he declares he cosponsored the bill in order to change it!   

Is it a coincidence that he claims he is trying to change a bill he pledged support on only after he announced he was challenging incumbent Sen. David Vitter?   Of course it is.

The Hill reports:

Melancon is an EFCA co-sponsor, but said he was working on making changes to the bill after being asked by local business leaders last week to drop his sponsorship. 

Attendees said the congressman defended his position at a meeting in his congressional district hosted by the St. Mary Industrial Group, but added he was working to amend the bill. 

“His deal is ‘I am on this bill to make it better, trying to make a bad bill better,’ ” said Bob Miller, president of the St. Mary Industrial Group. “I doubt it seriously if anyone in the room believed it.”