Memo Suggests Chiefs Not Only Aware, But Directed Political Envelope Stuffing

According to the Salt Lake [Utah] Tribune:

Dispatch Supervisor Roxann Cheever confirmed Thursday that she circulated an e-mail stating that the city’s public-safety bosses – not just an “overzealous employee,” as a police spokesman previously said – urged dispatchers to fill 50,000 envelopes with pro-bond fliers from the police union.

State law bars city employees from electioneering on the taxpayers’ dime.

Though the city’s “. . . top cop has denied any prior knowledge of dispatchers illegally stuffing envelopes with fliers advocating a $192 million public-safety bond,” . . . “an internal memo suggests the city’s police and fire chiefs not only knew, but actually directed the campaign.”

If true, this is yet one more example of anti-taxpayer collusion between public-safety employers and public-safety union bosses.