Miller’s Backyard Paper Fights Card Check Scheme

The San Francisco Examiner has weighed in with a policy editorial opposing Rep. George Miller’s (D-CA) Card Check Bill calling it “Orwellian.”

“Under the [so-called] Employee Free Choice Act,” according to Miller’s cleverly worded press release . . . “[w]hat Miller really wants is to eliminate the secret ballot in union elections, substituting a “card check” system whereby union activists collect cards allegedly signed by employees . . . . Abuses of workers’ true wishes not only are potential, they are guaranteed.”

Nice job — especially from a paper in Miller’s backyard.

Right to Work supporters can contact their representatives through the National Right to Work Committee’s website. Click on your state on the interactive map, and then click on the word “contact” beside your representative’s name. Urge your representative to oppose Big Labor’s attempt to eliminate the right of workers to a secret ballot election. Urge your representative to vote against the so-called Employee Free Choice Act.

Also contact Representative Miller and let him know that getting rid of workers’ right to a secret ballot election has nothing to do with “free choice.” It’s just a Big Labor power grab and a Congressional payoff for services rendered.