More Intimidation

Forced unionism militants in Kansas made sexually explicit and degrading comments to female legislators before a vote on ending automatic deductions from paychecks to pay for Big Labor political causes.  

House Speaker Mike O’Neal, R-Hutchinson, said the vocal crowd crossed the line by engaging in salty commentary outside of the House chamber and by shouting inside the chamber when the paycheck bill came to a vote.

“There were comments of sexually explicit nature directed at both female legislators and female staff,” O’Neal said. “That’s the most disrespectful display from the gallery I’ve seen in 27 years I’ve been here.”

But women were not alone.  The Speaker said two union sympathizers attempted to intimidate a male House member into voting against the measure.

Alas their tactics did not succeed.  The bill passed passed 75-46 and forwarded to the Senate.

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