“Must Do”

After spending hundreds of millions of workers’ dues money to ensure a Democrat controlled Congress, the AFL-CIO has produced a top five “must do” list of legislative items for Congress to pass. The list includes the “card-check forced unionism” bill that would force employers to recognize a union if a majority of workers signed cards — even under duress — favoring representation, according to the Houston Business Journal.

Labor unions poured more money than ever into this year’s elections and finally got what they wanted.

Now they expect a return on their investment.

This card-check legislation never got anywhere in the last Congress, but the bill’s two main sponsors, Rep. George Miller, D-Calif., and Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., will now chair the committees that handle labor issues in the new Congress.

“We have high expectations,” AFL-CIO Boss John Sweeney says of the bill’s prospects.

The National Right to Work Committee will be leading the fight to mobilize Americans against this bill and will surely be joined by others.

The AFL-CIO claims voters from union households accounted for more than 80 percent of the Democrats’ total margin in congressional races.

“It was (forced-dues) money well-spent,” Boss Sweeney says.