New Jersey Union Boss, Chris Smith, Charged with Theft

Chris Smith, union boss in New Jersey, has been charged with second-degree theft. The 47-year-old man held power in both his local and state unions. He was the president of the New Jersey Policeman’s Benevolent Association Local 222 for six years and had been the current president of a state union for eight years.

Smith has been charged with stealing over $75,000 from the union coffers.

The money was allegedly used to pay for personal expenses such as covering trips to Florida and going to restaurants.

This is money that was taken from hard-working union members, who were promised that their dues would be used to benefit them. Instead, it seemingly was stolen and used for one of their union bosses’ personal gain.

While we do our best to stop forced unionism, there are many states that still allow unions to have this arguably unconstitutional power.

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