New Trojan Horse

The New York Times reports that big labor Democrats may have decided to drop the secret ballot provisions from the Card Check Forced Unionism bill.  In its place, they would require shorter unionization campaigns. 
From the Times:

Though some details remain to be worked out, under the expected revisions, union elections would have to be held within five or 10 days after 30 percent of workers signed cards favoring having a union. Currently, the campaigns often run two months.

To further address labor’s concerns that the election process is tilted in favor of employers, key senators are considering several measures. One would require employers to give union organizers access to company property. Another would bar employers from requiring workers to attend anti-union sessions that labor supporters deride as “captive audience meetings.”

No word an AFL-CIO boss told the Times, “This bill will bring about dramatic changes, even if the card check has fallen away.”

In other words, in exchange for allowing a secret ballot election, the Senate would stack the deck in favor of union organizers essentially violating the property rights of business owners and gagging them from telling workers about the costs and dangers of forced unionism.  Of course, the worst provisions of the bill — the government mandated arbitration provisions — would remain.