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Ohio – 18 Incumbent Republican Bob Ney (R) finds himself in the race of his political life against Democrat Zack Space. Ney is neck deep in the Jack Abramoff scandal and there is real sense in Washington circles he will be indicted – possibly before Election Day. Democrats are touting a poll showing Ney 11 points down in a head-to-head match up against Space. Republicans have countered with a poll showing Ney ahead, but not by a comfortable margin. Ney has been a Big Labor Republican since his election to Congress in 1994. This cycle alone union PACS have contributed over $103,900 to the threatened incumbent (See Space has pledged to “never put corporate interests ahead of the people I represent,” but certainly seems willing to put Big Labor interests above the interests of his potential constituents. Union officials are contributing to Space as well. How do union represented employees figure all this out?