NEWSMAX: Biden COVID Mandate, Big Labor Boss Control of Ports

Subject: Biden Covid Mandate; Big Labor the Big Shipping Clog?

Host: Chris Salcedo, Newsmax’s The Chris Salcedo Show

Guest: Mark Mix, National Right to Work Committee

President Chris: Welcome back, everybody, Team Biden says get the China virus vaccine or a weekly test or your employer gets fined $14,000 for every employee who refuses. The White House estimates this unconstitutional mandate will impact over 80 million workers in the private sector. Joining me now is president of the National Right to Work Committee. Mark Mix. Mark, great to have you back. There are some woke companies out there that will trip all over themselves. Can’t wait to fire their people over their vaccination status.

Mark Mix: Well, I think that’s right, Chris. And boy, you’re drinking from a fire hose today. Once again, every day, something new. And you know, this morning, when I came into the office, our corporate counsel showed me a 490 page document that’s going to be in the Federal Register tomorrow about this emergency standard that OSHA’s complying or putting out in the Federal Register says employers over 100 employees have to vaccinate their employees by January fourth. I believe it’s going to be fought. It’s going to be tough. But yeah, you’re right. There are a lot of employers out there that are probably thinking if they have 95 employees right now, you know what? ….

… Chris Salcedo: Yeah, it is a big deal and nobody’s talking about the constitutionality of all of this, which of course, this administration ignores the Constitution. There are left wingers, after all. Are you concerned about how these vaccine mandates will affect our supply chain, which is already in critical condition?

Mark Mix: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, we’re already 100,000 truck drivers short out in Los Angeles and warehouse men out in Los Angeles said at the Long Beach port. You know, 40% of our imports in the United States come through those two ports. And frankly, you know, with the control of the international longshoremen and warehouse one union out there basically blocking any automation, any technological advances, this is a problem that’s been going on for a long time that’s exacerbated by the COVID problem. … [listen and hear much more from Chris and Mark]

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