NJ Teacher Union Bosses Expose Themselves

Gov. Chris Christie comments on ‘teachers unions gone wild’

Forced unionism in the public schools creates moments like these, and Governor Chris Christie appropriately states that the referenced video exposes more about New Jersey teacher union bosses than anyone else:

I don’t care, candidly, that they chant and sing about me in a not very nice way.  I’m the Governor of New Jersey, there are gonna be people who say bad things about me every day.  That’s fine, I don’t care, I really don’t.  This video is not about the things they say about me, this video is about the things they say about themselves. About themselves.  And if you need an example of what I’ve been talking about for the last nine months about how the teachers’ union leadership is out of touch with the people and out of control, go watch this video.  It’s enlightening, it’s enraging. (h/t Andrew Breitbart at BigGovernment.com)

Below is  the video from Project Veritas to which Governor Christie refers. (WARNING!  Some union boss language is vulgar and not suitable for children!)

[stream provider=youtube flv=http%3A//www.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DWdqQTIQhn5A img=x:/img.youtube.com/vi/WdqQTIQhn5A/0.jpg embed=false share=false width=450 height=253 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false /]