NRTW’s Messenger Testifies Against Obama NLRB’s Proposed Rule

National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation Attorney William L. Messenger testified in the congressional hearing: “Culture of Union Favoritism: The Return of the NLRB’s Ambush Election Rule.”

On Wednesday, the U.S. House Education and Workforce Committee held a hearing on the National Labor Relations Board’s reissuing a rule that Obama’s unconstitutional board had issue two years ago.  The new Obama Board rule mirror’s the previous Board’s rule and continues to be an attempt by Obama appointee’s to change rules to give Big Labor unfair advantages over individual hardworking Americans.

One of many of flaws in the rule is that it will expand the already personally invasive NLRB rules that force employers to hand over personal information about employees to labor union organizers without any employee’s consent.

Secondly, these new rules would have representational elections in such a shorten time that employees who oppose union workplace interference would have to learn the complicated NLRB election rules and try to inform other employees of their views within a time frame as short as 10 days.

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These individual employees are not fulltime union organizers like the union operatives whom they would be required to compete on an unequal playing field.  It is clear these changes are only out to help Big Labor Bosses while undermining individual employee protections.

Obama’s NLRB again pushes individual employees farther out of the monopoly bargaining process and irresponsibly expands exposure personal employee information without even given the employee the option to willingly share their own personal information.

Click here to download Foundation Attorney William L. Messenger’s opening statement.

Click here to view the Ed & Workforce Committee’s webpage about the hearing.