Obama’s Labor Department Gives Big Labor and Its Front Groups Another Gift

With less than a month left in 2009, President Obama gave Big Labor Bosses, ACORN, American Rights At Work, and other Big Labor-front groups another gift.  This time Labor Secretary Solis’ Department will not require Big Labor to complete labor union trust disclosure documents. 

Big Labor has fought the disclosure of information for thousands of “slush” funds and front groups since 2003.  By 2008, courts grew weary of Big Labor’s excuses for wanting to continue to hide billions in forced union dues that it transferred to groups like ACORN and the AFL-CIO’s American Rights At Work. 

Today, the Department published its intent to rescind these disclosures and to allow union bosses to ignore reporting until the Obama Administration disclosure rescission is final. 

Why did Big Labor want to stop these disclosures, referred to as Form T-1 Trust disclosures?  Because, these reports disclose the finances of every significant union controlled trust or Big Labor-front group.  In essence, this information provides the schematic of Big Labor-forced dues funded political operations.

These reports, if filed, will lead to more disclosures of ACORN financing and reveal more about the Big Labor-Front Group American Rights at Work, a political and lobbying operation, where Obama’s Labor Secretary served as Treasurer while a member of Congress..

Today’s Obama Administration’s notice reads in part:

The Department now seeks comments on a proposal to delay the filing due date of the initial Form T–1 reports, pending the outcome of the Department’s proposal to withdraw the October 2, 2008 rule.

The comment period on this proposal will close on December 14, 2009. [Eleven Days of Comments] Time is running out, to share your comments with the Department of Labor follow this link or click here to comment.