Obama Administration Alert: Mark Pearce, NLRB Nominee

Last week the National Right to Work Committee Alert concerned Service Employee International Union union lawyer Craig Becker, one of President Obama’s two current National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) nominees.  Today we’ll pull back the curtain on another  NLRB nominee, Big Labor Lawyer Mark G. Pearce. [Added 8/6/2009 Pearce Alert with his SF-278 Personal Financial Disclosure report.]

Due the nature of some of Mr. Pearce’s art that is included in the Committee’s Alert,  a censored alert is also provided.  (Pearce Uncensored Alert, Pearce Censored Alert). 


In his own words, Pearce says he is caught in an internal struggle between his artist and lawyer self.  He writes, “That kind of sounds like I’m drowning and about to go under, doesn’t it? While I enjoy the law, I struggle at fulfilling my desire to help bring beauty to the world. Art is my best vehicle to do this, or life raft.”

Pearce defended alleged underworld connected union boss Hotel and Restaurant Employees Union Local President Frank Ervolino. By May 2000, Ervolino and his wife were indicted by a federal grand jury for embezzling more than $235,000 in union funds.  A year earlier, Court-Appointed Hotel and Restaurant Employees Union Monitor Kurt Muellenberg’s office concluded that the amount embezzled was $491,000.

As you add up Pearce’s 20-plus years as a big labor lawyer, there is little to see.  It is hard to pinpoint just who is Mark Pearce. But what we do know is that his actions indicate that he is against individual workers rights and supports big labor forced unionism.

So, Contact your Senators now at 202-224-3121 and ask them to stop Mark Pearce and end Obama’s payback to forced unionism bosses.