Obama Labor Board Eagerly Expands Union Bosses' Forced-Dues Privileges

Under 1988’s Communications Workers of America v. Beck and other U.S. Supreme Court precedents won by the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, forced dues-paying employees who don’t belong to a union at least have the right to opt out of paying union dues for political lobbying and electioneering.  Unfortunately, President Barack Obama’s appointees on the National Labor Relations Board issued a ruling last month in United Nurses and Allied Professionals v. Jeanette Geary that contradicts Beck and its progeny. Mark Mix, president of both the Foundation and the National Right to Work Committee, sounds the alarm in an op-ed for the Washington Examiner, linked below:

Geary gives union bosses a green light to circumvent Beck’s prohibition of the use of nonunion employees’ dues for politics. According to the Obama NLRB, it’s OK for union chiefs to force objecting nonmembers to subsidize union lobbying activity as long as it “may ultimately inure to the benefit” of the employees subject to union monopoly bargaining.

Of course, Big Labor always claims its political lobbying eventually benefits unionized workers, whether it does or not. Moreover, the Obama NLRB has already proved very receptive even to the most extravagant claims made by union officials. According to an analysis by labor-management attorney John Doran, if Geary stands, the Obama NLRB will “determine that the vast majority of [union-boss] lobbying expenses may be charged to Beck objectors.”

Op-Ed: Obama NLRB expands unions’ right to nonunion workers’ cash