Obama Tips His Hand

The president claims he is doing everything possible to create jobs while quietly handing Big Labor union bosses the tools they need to destroy jobs.

Katie Gage, writing in the Daily Caller, takes note:

Earlier this week, President Obama confirmed what small business leaders and concerned workers fear most: that he will spare no effort to achieve Big Labor’s goals.  The president admits that labor’s top priority, the job-killing, rights-stripping Employee ‘Forced’ Choice Act (EFCA), does not have the votes it needs to pass in the Senate.  And with his own words, the president acknowledged that he has unambiguously aligned himself with union bosses seeking to bypass Congress and cram their priorities down the throats of the American people.

“What we’ve done instead [of getting EFCA passed in the Senate] is try to do as much as we can administratively to make sure that it’s easier for unions to operate and that they’re not being placed at an unfair disadvantage,” Obama said.