Paradise or Nightmare

Hawaii may turn from the American paradise to the American economic nightmare if Hawaii House Bill 760 is enacted into law. It’s a state version of the Card Check Forced Unionism Bill, giving union officials new coercive power over workers. State Rep. Colleen Meyer gets the point, noting:

As of 2006, Hawaii ranks No. 1 as the most unionized state in the nation. Is it a coincidence that Hawaii has the fifth-highest combined local and state tax burden in the country, and the highest cost of living? Is it a coincidence that the four most unionized states (Hawaii, New York, Alaska and New Jersey) are all in the top five states with the highest cost of living?

Now that Democrats have taken over Congress and have further increased their huge dominance in Hawaii’s Legislature, it is payback time for the unions who supported them. The union bosses expect a hefty return on their investment in campaign contributions, and the card-check bills are part of the spoils of war that they’re trying to seize from you.