Phony Choice

John Stossel of ABC News sees right through Big Labor’s claim that the Card Check Scam Bill is about giving workers a choice:

Choice is good. As a libertarian, I’m all over choice. But strangely, today, liberals are mostly about what Americans should not be allowed to choose.

AFL-CIO boss John Sweeney says, “[O]ur top priority is passage of the Employee Free Choice Act, legislation that will restore workers’ freedom to bargain for a better life”.

That sounds nice. But it really means that workers will no longer have the privacy and safety of a secret ballot when voting on a union. If a union can round up signatures from more than half the employees at a plant, other workers will be forced to unionize, too.

Unorganized labor — better known as most of us, or free people making our own way — won’t be helped by this coercive limiting of choice.