Prosecutor: SEIU Committed Voter Fraud

A prosecutor in Wisconsin says that the SEIU committed voter fraud in the 2011 Wisconsin Supreme Court election, the Daily Caller reports:

Prosecutors believe a Service Employees International Union (SEIU) organizer fraudulently voted in a 2011 election in Wisconsin, according to documents provided to the Daily Caller by the Wisconsin-based government watchdog group Media Trackers.

An investigation by the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office has led to a subpoena of SEIU’sWashington,D.C.headquarters and has implicated the prominent labor union in a voter fraud case that threatens to lead to criminal prosecution.

Then-SEIU Senior Organizer-in-Training Clarence S. Haynes, who is no longer affiliated with the union and whose whereabouts are currently unknown, voted in the hotly contested April 2011 election for a Wisconsin Supreme Court seat despite not being a resident of Wisconsin and leaving the state shortly after voting, according to an October 19, 2012 affidavit prepared by Bruce J. Landgraf, the assistant district attorney for Milwaukee County.

Haynes, who maintained an official permanent residence in Clearwater,Florida, allegedly voted along with two other SEIU organizers in Glendale, Wisconsinon April 5, 2011— using a Residence Inn as their official address.

Haynes’ Bank of America debit card was used to make a final transaction inGlendale,WisconsinonApril 11, 2011. He checked out of the Residence Inn on April 18. His debit card transactions from May through August 2011 “appear to be concentrated for the most part in the State ofFlorida,” according to the affidavit.

“I think it reasonable to conclude that Mr. Haynes leftWisconsinin April 2011 and returned to his home state ofFlorida,” Landgraf wrote in the affidavit.

“Based upon these Affidavits, I would respectfully submit that there is probable cause to believe that Mr. Haynes voted without the proper qualifications as an elector when he cast a ballot onApril 5, 2011,” Landgraf concluded.