‘Reaching Out’ to Richard Trumka Wasn’t a Smart Move

The best way for the White House to defend itself from AFL-CIO chief Richard Trumka and others of his ilk is to attack Big Labor’s special privileges relentlessly.

Last month, AFL-CIO Richard Trumka’s resignation from President Donald Trump’s manufacturing commission, and his angry denunciation of the President during and after his announcement, received intense media coverage.

As National Right to Work Committee President Mark Mix explains in a new commentary for Forbes magazine, Trumka’s attack on Trump was blatantly hypocritical. But Trumka would never have had the opportunity to launch this particular attack if White House advisors hadn’t foolishly tried to appease him. Will the White House learn its lesson and stop trying to co-opt Big Labor as a consequence of Trumka’s outburst?

See the link below to read Mix’s commentary in its entirety.

Trump Admin’s Big Labor Appeasers Played Into AFL-CIO … – Forbes