Recession Slashes Private-Sector Union Jobs, But Government-Sector Unionism Keeps Growing

(Source: December 2009 Forced-Unionism Abuses Exposed)

In late October, two of America’s best known labor economists, Drs. Barry Hirsch and David Macpherson, released their analysis of Current Population Survey (CPS) data for the first nine months of 2009, indicating that this year, for the first time ever, a majority of unionized workers across America are government employees.

Right after this Hirsch-Macpherson analysis was released, several pundits argued that the two economists’ findings make it crystal clear why union bosses push relentlessly for higher taxes and bigger government, and seem unconcerned that the policies they advocate will surel slash overall private-sector job growth in future years: Today Big Government, not the private sector, is Big Labor’s bread and butter. (more…)