Right to Work Georgia Holds Many New Future Job Options

Georgia is growing economically in many areas, including the food, automotive, and media industries. Two current companies, including Ken’s Foods and Toyota Industries Compressor Parts America are expanding their current locations. Meanwhile, 3815 Media is planning to bring its new headquarters to Georgia. All three of these expansions combined will create around 200 new jobs for Georgia residents. This will be great for the economy. Feel free to read on to see what people are saying about the expansion of these companies.

3815 Media:

“Gwinnett County is a great home for 3815 Media due to the strong diversity within the community. […] We are always excited to continue to expand the creative talent workforce and provide opportunities for our region.”


Ken’s Foods:

“It’s a pleasure to see this family-owned company continue their investment in Georgia. […] As a major employer of the hardworking folks of Henry County for nearly 25 years, I thank Ken’s Foods for their long-term commitment to creating jobs and opportunities for hardworking Georgians.”


Toyota Industries Compressor Parts America:

“The company’s decision to add a new line to their Jackson County facility will mean additional jobs for Georgians[. It] is proof that our business climate, along with our investments in our workforce, logistics infrastructure, and quality of life make a compelling case for continuing to grow here.”


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