Right to Work Helps Russell Chacon Score Win Against Union Fees

Back in November of 2020, Russell Chacon, a sheet metal worker in Colorado Springs, left his local union. The union then demanded he pay a large sum of money to them. He was told he must pay $21,252 as punishment for Chacon’s resignation.

The National Right to Work Foundation, appalled at the demand, defended Russell Chacon – and won! Now, the union can’t force non-union members to pay up. They also make it clear to members that they won’t do this by posting it somewhere visibly.

In The Gazette, National Right to Work Foundation President Mark Mix is quoted:

“Imagine getting a letter saying you owe someone $21,000,” said foundation president Mark Mix. “To his credit, Russell was willing to stand up to the union and expose this kind of practice. […] We were glad to stand side-by-side with Russell and make sure his rights were protected. […] They concluded that the fine was basically to punish him for going to work somewhere else that wasn’t under union control. […]

“In a sense, it’s kind of a slap on the wrist,” said Mix, who added that the agreement is not an official admission of guilt. “But it gets the union to say they were wrong, that they did it on purpose, and they won’t do it again.”

Mark Mix, as quoted in The Gazette

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