Right to Work Is ‘About Giving People Choice’

For decades, public support for the Right to Work principle has been strong in the Keystone State.  But until recently the conventional wisdom was that the political clout of Pennsylvania’s union officials was too great for a state Right to Work law ever to pass.

In 2013, the conventional wisdom is evolving.  Just last year, two other Rust Belt states, Indiana and Michigan, adopted Right to Work statutes.   And now Matthew Wagner of the grass-roots group Pennsylvanians for Right to Work says “the momentum for such legislation is stronger in the Keystone State than ever before.”  Wagner adds that the Right to Work is simply “about giving people choice.”

The news account linked below has some additional information:

An organization in Pennsylvania believes now is the time for right-to-work legislation in their state.

Pennsylvania legislators recently drafted House Bill 50, which – according to the state’s website – provides that “employment shall not be conditional upon membership or nonmembership in, nor upon the payment or nonpayment of money to, a labor organization ….” Such compulsory condition or work or employment, states the bill, “is not in accord with fundamental principles of individual liberty and freedom of choice.”

Push for right-to-work growing in another Rust Belt  – One News Now