Right to Work President Mark Mix Engages Brooklyn College Students

CUNY-brooklyn-mark-mixMitchell Langbert, associate professor of business at Brooklyn College, invited National Right to Work President Mark Mix to speak with his students on Thursday, April 6th.

Mr. Mix enjoyed his second opportunity to speak with students and discuss with them the merits of Right to Work and inherent injustice of forced unionism. The students’ knowledge, questions, and interest in the subject made this event a rewarding experience.

“Living in Brooklyn, my students are mostly exposed to one-sided discussion about topics like Right to Work laws, government unionism, and the role of the First Amendment,” said Professor Langbert.

CUNY-brooklyn-mix-langbert“The class had a great time, and many stayed overtime to debate and to ask Mark [Mix] questions.  The event was great for viewpoint diversity, which has gone missing in higher education, and it was also great for leveling the playing field with respect to the conversation about forced unionism.”

Thursday’s night event was held in the Brooklyn College Student Union and funded by the John Templeton Foundation.